Tankerton FC Social Media Work

I have been associated with my local football club Tankerton FC since the age of 5. I played for them for 11 years; finishing my time playing in 2016 as Division 1 Runners up. Alongside playing for the club I have coached, have been on the board of trustees and a member of the youth council, but also a key part of the club’s social media team.

The Tankerton Facebook page that I currently run as head admin and add posts to regularly

Whilst playing for Tankerton I created an unofficial Facebook page under their name some time around 2007/2008. After each game I played I would write up a match report and post it onto the page, which soon generated interest not only from those associated with my age group but also with names higher up the Tankerton hierarchy.

Gradually the page started to gain in popularity as members of teams across all age groups started to follow my posts. In 2016 we managed to verify the page on Facebook, and in July of 2017 we had 403 likes.

2017 was also the year I created the club’s Instagram page, which I run as a business account in order to promote the club’s events. 2017 also saw me become part of the social media team at the club; meaning I now have control of not only the Facebook, but also the club’s twitter and the new Instagram page.

Tankerton’s newly created Instagram account – I use this as a business account and therefore promote several posts to increase the club’s participation figures

This new role has given me a great amount of experience on running social media accounts; including promoting events, gaining more followers and increasing the club’s image.

Below are examples of work I have produced for Tankerton FC:

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See below for the latest Tweets: