Radio/Audio Media

Whilst studying sports journalism at Southampton Solent University I learnt the aspects of not only print media but also radio and audio media. This page not only features radio packages and podcasts, but also examples of commentary. I keep all of my audio files on my Soundcloud account which can be accessed by all. The following are extended descriptions of each post on my Soundcloud account, from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom:

9798 Productions | Solent Redhawks | All eyes on the W – 1st March 2019 

This piece had far less background work done to it compared to the previous two. Due to our busy schedules we were only able to gain one ‘on-site’ voice during the week in the lead up to the news day. However we made this work by getting people into the studio and still creating an enjoyable and informative piece in my opinion. My roles for this included the script writing and the editing.

9798 Productions | Eastleigh FC | On the play-off march – 9th February 2019

Our second 9798 Productions news day package followed Eastleigh and their promotion push. I really enjoyed editing this piece as we had a lot of archive material to choose from, alongside plenty of access to interviews that we could match to music. Matching the music up, particularly with the commentary, was really enjoyable and I think it made for a good piece to listen to. The one bit of feedback we got however was that it was a little too focused on the club, and needed an external voice to make it appeal to a broader audience. My roles for this included gaining the interviews, the voiceover and script writing and sitting in on the editing.

9798 Productions | Team Solent Ladies | Title on the cards? – 1st February 2019

The first in a series of radio packages made as part of the production group 9798 Productions for our university news days. For our first news day we created a short radio piece on Team Solent Ladies and their push for the BUCS league title; using interviews gained on the Wednesday and archive material too. My roles for this piece was to write the script and gain most of the interviews and archive material.

COMMENATARY – Bournemouth Ladies vs Solent Ladies – Varsity – 9th May 2018

This was my very first effort at commentating in front of an audience under live circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and felt I gave a good mixture of statistical background anecdotes with live descriptions. The commentary starts in the live video above at 13:05 minutes. The first half saw myself and my co-commentator (Louis Pollock) hold a very professional stance, whilst the second half became more relaxed. In order to improve I would try to give myself and Louis a role each (co and main commentator) so that we do not talk over each other, although overall I feel like we worked well together. This is definitely something I would want to do again. DISCLAIMER: we had no control over the camera shots and the mixing in between them!

SO Podcast – Varsity Preview – 1st May 2018

A 7 minute podcast focusing on the Solent Ladies’ build up to Varsity. This podcast had to have at least three different interviews/voices in, alongside a musical package and a neat intro and outro. I really enjoyed the conversational style of the podcast as I was able to project my voice in a more natural light. I feel this is when I sound most confident and most knowledgeable. This podcast making also helped me to develop my Adobe Audition editing skills.

3 Minute Radio Package – Women’s Sport – 12th December 2017

This was my assessed radio package for term 1 of my second year at Southampton Solent University. I was asked to get three interviews on a topical issue. Due to my links with Solent Ladies I chose to follow the issue of grassroots football for women and girls growing up. I was under the weather when recording my voice which I feel you can hear, but other than that I’m quite proud of it. It features a range of views, plus an interview with a high profile name in Ed Chamberlin (currently at ITV racing and formerly of Sky Sports). To improve I would sort out the fade into the music at the start of the Package, as it does glitch following the drop. I would also re-record my voice over as I do sound a little angry at times!

Team Solent FA Vase Preview – 21st November 2017

One of the first radio projects I worked on and was pleased with when it came to the final project. My course leader said it showed off my creative skills really well and I came across well with my presentation. In terms of improvements I was told to introduce my own voice into the piece earlier, and cut down on some of the music segments.

Short Interview with Gillingham FC’s Billy Knott – 10th January 2017

During my time on work experience with Gillingham FC I was given the chance to interview their midfielder, Billy Knott, who had just come back from injury. I was a little nervous as you may be able to recognise during the audio however with more experience this will become easier for me. He was a great guy and gave me some great quotes, which I used to create an article for Gillingham’s website.

3 Minute Sports Bulletin – 5th December 2016

This 3 minute track was part of my assessment during the first term of University. I was asked to produce a sports bulletin containing a Vox Pop (one question asked to several members of the public), a local interview and a main interview (with someone in professional sport). I struggled with this task at first because I found that I spoke too quickly. But with practise I began to refine by technique, and started to enjoy making radio bulletins.