ONS: 6 Ways to Balance Gym Life with Uni Life

The following article was produced for On The Scene (ONS) magazine. 

Easy tips on how to make the gym a major part of your time at university

One of the most common goals for people once they start living independently at university is to maintain a consistent gym routine. For some this comes naturally but for others the extent of new life challenges means that incorporating the gym into your daily life can be a struggle. It is for this reason that your once inspired push for fitness can take a back seat, particularly with the extent of nightlife that university cities has to offer.

But actually when it comes to it, balancing both your newfound university life with your fitness and training goals is actually easily done. The following six tips should help you overcome problems such as a lack of motivation, a lack of time and, of course – the pinnacle of all university problems – a lack of money.


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