Match Report – Tankerton Under 16’s vs Victoria Dynamo

Match Report – Tankerton Under 16’s vs Victoria Dynamo

With Seaview out of action, Tankerton were forced to look elsewhere if they were to play their first league game in 7 weeks. The destination in the end was a rather stodgy and patchy slanted pitch in Thannington of which has become a second home to many Tankerton teams throughout the years.

The three players missing out for Tankerton this week were Gore, Todd and Lavender meaning the home side started with the following 11 – Crane, Whyte, Agada, Bardrick (C), White, Russell, Dale, Ginnaw, Roffe, Hinchcliffe, French – with Finch, Fairweather and Radford as the substitutes.

Despite early possession and pressure from Victoria Dynamo, Tankerton controlled the early stages of the game very well as whilst Crane wasn’t troubled into anything, the front men were coming close to giving the blues the lead. It took longer than what was expected for the home side to score the first of the game but when French was put through by Radford few suspected much less than a Tankerton goal. Dale and Radford had chances to extend Tankerton’s lead before a delightful volley from Finch just before half time put any worries to rest. Right before the break Finch was put through in search of his second however the scoreline remained at 2-0 via the raising of the linesman’s flag.

The second half couldn’t have started better for the home side as French cut inside from the left flank to glide the ball into the top of the opposite corner of Dynamo’s net. Soon after French completed his hat trick after a Dale corner just missed Agada and was headed in by the Tankerton frontman for the blue’s fourth.

Victoria Dynamo did still continue to fight but to no avail thanks to the work of the Tankerton defence. Agada and Bardrick were letting very little through down the centre and Whyte and White had impressive afternoons all round; winning all of the key battles for the entire of the 80 minutes.

However Tankerton were not yet done at 4-0 as Fairweather got the home side’s fifth followed by an impressive finish from Dale to make it 6. Ginnaw then got in in the act for his first goal of the season before Roffe finished off a sparkling solo run to chip the goalkeeper. Hinchcliffe, Radford and in particular Whyte had great chances to increase the goal tally even further however all were squandered.

Overall after 7 weeks of no game time, Tankerton showed no sign of losing their spark of 2013.


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