FIFA 15 Review – Here we go again…

As some of you may know I am part of the Tankerton Football Club Youth Council. For that I write articles such as this one on FIFA 15. I thought I’d share it with you as I’m proud of it. 

And so it begins. Across the nation people of all forms of life start to pack away their summer belongings and prepare themselves for another year of work/school (delete as appropriate). Individuals all over the world realise that the 6 weeks of relaxation is now over and Solemn September – as I like to refer to it – is upon us. 

But wait. Amongst all the doom and gloom of the new academic year forms a light at the end of the tunnel via our good friends at EA Sports. They recognise that this month is a time where we all need picking up. A month where we need something to take our minds off things. Something to help us relax. So they bring us the latest edition to the rapidly growing FIFA family – FIFA 15. A game which provides nothing of the above!  

I’ve been asked to give a brief article on my first impressions of the “revolutionary” new game. However I fear my article will be far from fleeting!  Firstly, any relaxation gained from owning FIFA 15 comes once you’ve turned off your console and moved onto a different daily activity. I’m not saying FIFA 15 is a bad game; don’t get me wrong. The game has plenty of plus points – mainly aesthetically based – which cannot go unnoticed in this article.  

The graphics, to be fair, are on a different level this year (especially to those who own a next generation console). The outside shots of stadiums such as the Bernabeu and the Emirates are something to be admired. It also seems that the large majority of the game’s best known players have become virtually recognisable within FIFA 15. The attention to detail on the players’ complexion and facial expressions deserves to be noted. So with all these great compliments I’ve just listed you’d be excused if you’re feeling confused following my contained rant at the beginning of the article. Don’t worry…I shall explain.

Plaudits go to EA for making FIFA 15 the greatest ever FIFA in terms of its physical features. However the area they have largely let us down on becomes known to any new player upon their first online game. You’d think the cheats and glitches of FIFA 14 would have been fixed – and indeed they have. But what you wouldn’t expect is a whole new range for the new edition in their place. The lofted ball kick-off glitch of FIFA 14 has been replaced by the direct pacey run kick off glitch for FIFA 15. The overpowered headers of FIFA 14 have been replaced by overpowered finesse shots for FIFA 15. And the fact that you can simply sprint past any keeper with one flick of the right analogue stick forms the rather non-circumvent cherry on top of a sorry looking cake. 

There are so many other drawbacks (and bakery metaphors) I’d feel obliged to mention in this article however I fear it may take up the whole booklet. All I’m going to say is I don’t want to put you off buying FIFA’s brand new family member –  not at all. But do try and overlook the glistening outside image provided by the updated graphics and realise that FIFA 15 is as frustration provoking as its predecessors. The online glitches are only the tip of the ice-berg…


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